Bettina Eick

My research is connected to the development of practical algorithms for group theoretic problems. This page lists my GAP packages and points to their GAP web page or makes alternative archives available.

Published with Gap 4:

  • Aclib -- Almost Crystallographic Groups. With K. Dekimpe. GAP page
  • Alnuth -- ALgebraic NUmber THeory interface. With B. Assmann and A. Distler. GAP page
  • AutPGrp -- Automorphisms finite p-groups. With E. O'Brien. GAP page
  • CrystGAP -- Crystallographic groups. With F. Gaehler and W. Nickel. GAP page
  • Format -- Formation theoretic subgroups. With C.R.B. Wright. GAP page
  • GrpConst -- Computing the groups of a given order. With H.U. Besche. GAP page
  • LiePRing -- The Lie rings of order at most p^7. With M. Vaughan-Lee. GAP page and some notes
  • ModIsom -- Automorphisms and Isomorphisms for nilpotent associative algebras. GAP page
  • Polycyclic -- Computing with infinite polycyclic groups. With M. Horn and W. Nickel GAP page
  • SglPPow -- The groups of order 3^8 and p^7. With M. Vaughan-Lee. GAP page
  • Small Groups -- A large library of small groups. With H.U. Besche and E. O'Brien. GAP page

Archives of code for Gap 4: