Stefan Banach International
Mathematical Center
German-Polish Workshop for Young Researchers
in Applied and Numerical Linear Algebra

2nd-5th February 2006
Mathematical Research and Conference Center in Będlewo


Applied and Numerical Linear Algebra is a very active area of research. The problems dealt with often arise in engineering and scientific practise, they are at the heart of most calculations in scientific computing. Besides the standard linear problems

  • Linear systems of equations
  • Least squares problems
  • Eigenvalue problems
  • Matrix theoretic problems

there are many variations to deal with

  • Generalized and nonlinear eigenvalue problems
  • Nonlinear least squares problems
  • Nonlinear equations
  • Matrix equations.

There exist already a number of well-understood methods for solving these problems as well as reliable, efficient and thoroughly tested numerical software. For a number of these problems, there is an urgent need for more research on the development of methods and the approximate perturbation and error analysis.

There are several research groups in Germany and Poland that work on different aspects of these problems. This workshop intends to bring together German and Polish young researchers from those groups in order to learn about the different research activities.


Due to space limitations only a restricted number of participants can take part in the workshop. We invite all German and Polish PhD students and young PostDocs in Applied and Numerical Linear Algebra to apply for participation in this workshop. Board and lodging will be free for all participants, travel costs have to be paid by the participants. German participants have to pay a registration fee of 30 Euro. Please send your application (including name, date of last degree received, short abstract for a talk or a poster presentation) to

Deadline for application: has passed!
All applicants have received an email with further informations concerning their participation.


Mathematical Research and Conference Center in Będlewo


Heike Faßbender, TU Braunschweig, Germany
Volker Mehrmann, TU Berlin, Germany
Krystyna Zietak, Wroclaw University of Technology, Poland
Tomasz Szulc, Adam Mickiewicz University Poznan, Poland