GAP 4 package Polycyclic

Authors: Bettina Eick, Max Horn, Werner Nickel
Needs: GAP, version 4.5 or more recent; GAP package Alnuth, version 1.0 or later; GAP package AutPGrp, version 1.4 or later
Current version: 2.11 (click here to see what's new)
Contact: Bettina Eick, Max Horn
Download: Several formats available


This package provides algorithms for working with polycyclic groups. The features of this package include

(Bug) reports

If you use Polycyclic, we would like to know. A short email to one of us would be nice.

Any comments about the package are very welcome. If you have found important features missing or if there is a bug, let us know and we will try to address it as soon as possible.


In order to install and use Polycyclic, your also need to install both Alnuth and AutPGrp. The former contains methods for algebraic number theory, the later for computations of automorphisms of p-groups; both are required by Polycyclic for various operations. The README file describes the installation of the Polycyclic package.

For the installation of Alnuth and AutPGrp, follow the instructions in their respective manuals.

Online Documentation

The manual of Polycyclic is available as PDF and HTML.

If the package has been installed properly, the manual is also accessible through the GAP online help.

Package Archive for Download

The Polycyclic package is availabe in the following formats:

The PackageInfo.g file is available as plain text file.